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Over the years, Tim has created an extensive library of technical papers while doing research work at Xaloy. They have given Tim the permission to use these papers to help educate the Plastics Industry. 

We have made four papers available here to download in pdf format. If you would like to receive any of the others, please e-mail Tim at

[email protected]

Please include the paper title you are requesting. Thank you! 



Injection Molding

  • Evaluation of Different Injection Molding Screw Designs for Better Color Mixing
  • An Evaluation of Different Injection Molding Screw Designs and their Effect on Mixing Quality using An In-Line Melt Camera (I.M.C.)
  • Efficiency Gains and Control Improvements using Different Barrel Heating Technologies for the Injection Molding Process


  • Design of Sinusoidal Barrier Mixing Element for Single Screw Extrusion
  • An Empirical Study for the Optimization of the Barrier Flight Clearance for Single Stage Extrusion using Design of Experiment
  • A mixing Study of Various Single Screw Mixing Elements using In-Line Melt Analysis (I.M.A.)
  • 3D FEM Analysis of a Wave Type Screw Channel
  • Extrusion Screws for Thermoplastic Composites
  • Nano-composites: A Single Screw Mixing Study of Nanoclay-filled Polypropylene
  • Empirical Evaluation of DifferentGroove Feed Screw Geometries
  • An Experimental Investigation on the Influence of Barrel Temperatures on the output of a Constant Depth Screw with Grooved Barrel Feeding.
  • Extruder Audit

Heat Transfer Rolls

  • Heat Transfer Rolls: Function, Application and Design Relationships

  Optimizing Sheet Extrusion Conditions to Minimize Internal Stresses in Thermoformed Sheet


  • The Basics of Good Extrusion Screw Design
  • Basic Screw Geometry – “Things Your Screw Designer Never told You about Screws”
  • A Method for Purging and Cleaning a Screw and Barrel
  • Extruder Barrel Bore-scoping
  • An Experimental Investigation into SolidsFeeding Characteristics of a Single Piece Barrel with Integral Feedport Design vs. a Standard Two Piece Water Cooled Feedblock and Barrel Configuration
  • An Experimental Investigation Into Melt Pump Performance
  • Screw and Barrel Inspection Procedure